Vinyl Thief

Love grows with the seeds we sow.

Nashville indie pop band Vinyl Thief explores how love blossoms and heals when given the right amount of space with their new EP, Touch. Consequence of Sound says, “The group combines the airy, dreamlike quality of electronics and grounds it with soaring melodies and arrangements. [Vinyl Thief’s music] is provocative in tone and enthralling in composition.”

Coming off of 2014’s full length debut Fathoms was a blur for the band. The album explores loss of family and uses walls of sound to illustrate the journey. Features from Paste Magazine, AV Club, NOISEY, and Huffington Post highlighted the bands’ inventive alt-pop arrangements and infectious melodies. Frontman Grayson Proctor says, “During that time, I’d get so wound up in anxiety, I had no space left to foster relationships with people. I knew had I to create time for myself to think and get perspective on life.”

The Touch EP revolves around the art of creating meaningful space for the important things to flourish. “We chose to do more with less,” says Proctor. The old wall of sound is torn down. Soulful falsetto vocals, playful synth hooks, seductive basslines, and festival-ready rhythms all have their moments in the spotlight. Thematically, Proctor says, “Keeping everything around me simple gives us the capacity to be creative and energetic in our music.”

Vinyl Thief will release Touch on July 8, 2016. Vinyl Thief is: Grayson Proctor (vocals, synth), Logan Purdom (guitar), Sam English (keys), and Andrew Broadway (drums).