Miya Folick

Miya Folick is the voice that so many of us need back in the world. Confident and aware with her guitar, Miya Folick’s songs provide the soundtrack for those moments when you think to yourself “If only I could have said xyz…blurg.” “Pet Body” is the everything-anthem for this generation. Play it loud, have fun and, perhaps, be a little bit more aggressive than usual.

Miya describes herself much better than we ever could, so…

“I’m from Santa Ana, California and grew up going to a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist church in Orange County. I played basketball for 9 years and hated it the entire time.

I went to NYU, but stopped going to class and would spend all day walking around the city by myself.  So I left and moved home and spent the rest of that semester learning how to play guitar from a person I went to high school with.

I play music because forming thoughts into sounds blends emotional and rational thought in a way that turns me on.  I met my band on Tinder.”


“Just in time for your loud-ass summer party playlist, Folick has dropped the video for her new single, “Pet Body,” and man, does it deliver. It’s three minutes of strung out guitars and drums careening in and out of surf punk melodies, with Folick relinquishing her last fuck as her voice swoops from sweet to unhinged.”
Andrea Domanick, Noisey

“As her lustrous voice glides from graceful musing to forthright resolve, Ms. Folick and her band roam a 1960s and ’70s California of folk-rock and psychedelia, in arrangements that patiently, gracefully, mirror every shifting mood.”
Jon Pareles, The New York Times