Created by Kenny Ochoa & Bryan Ray Turcotte and produced by Quiver and Beta Petrol, Freethinkers is a new original series on Uproxx.

In the first episode of Uproxx’s ‘Free Thinkers,’ we meet Jamie McCormick — a man who cares about coffee and even more about community.

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In this first episode of Free Thinkers, we’re taken behind the scenes at Abraço. It’s an intimate portrait of a family living their best life, unfettered by fear. This is the Free Thinkers mentality…to chase your wildest dreams without worrying about the consequences.

Savage James Rockin makes art out of baseball bats. He sat down and explained to us why he took a different path and swung for the fences.

Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror and also known as TRIPLE 9 DEATH KULT) is an American hip hop group founded by theOGM and Eaddy in Newark, New Jersey. Their style combines dark experimental hip hop with the aggression of hardcore punk.

As a man with the coveted mantle of “art world darling” — a blog post by Kanye West famously sent his career to the stratosphere — Devin Troy Strother often wrestles with ideas of identity in his work.

Canyon Castator is a LA-based artist whose work moves through diverse mediums, but from the point of reference of figure painting. Transitioning through painting, video, digital manipulation, projection, and other forms of creation, Canyon’s work attempts to rectify the discontinuities between the image and its representation.