DIIV creates vast dream-scapes for the world to get lost in. That’s one of the many reason’s this band is so highly praised by NME, SPIN, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and any influential blog in the indie space. With the debut album Oshin, Smith presented landscapes of disengagement complete with tiny doors to crawl through and explore.

“DIIV’s compelling debut album is a gorgeous and unusually melodic dream-pop record built around verses and choruses that are unusually fluid and intuitive.” Ian Cohen, Pitchfork

And throughout the 17 tracks that make up IS THE IS ARE, DIIV delivers an aurally-irresistible creation from start to finish. Featuring guest-vocals by Sky Ferreira that add to the dreaminess. “I wanted to make a really dynamic record that has a huge amount of ups and downs,” Smith says. And he does. Smith writes gripping lyrics that melt into the layers of echoing guitar and steadfast bass lines. DIIV invites you to drown in their deep pools and you’ll, happily, follow knowing you’ll somehow be safe.


“Some of the most powerful, personal and persuasive rock songs you’ll hear this year.”

“DIIV prove there’s a lot of life left in the decades-old practice of adding way too much distortion to everything.”
Rolling Stone

“Hits on a visceral, teenage level similar to that of the Cure or Smashing Pumpkins…”

“It’s not a higher power that’s saved him, but a sophomore full-length.”